One Life To Live
The Soap Opera Book, 1978

Who's Who of Characters and Actors

Joe Riley (Lee Patterson): the good guy; ace newspaperman; husband to Vicky; father to newborn Kevin. He had an affair with Cathy Craig, which produced a child, Megan, who was killed in an auto accident with Vicky.

Victoria ("Vicky") Lord Riley (Erika Slezak):wife to Joe; mother to newborn Kevin; half-sister to Tony Lord; a wealthy young woman. She is our heroine, beloved by all—except her mortal enemy, Cathy Craig Lord.

Cathy Craig Lord (Jennifer Harmon): once an ace writer, now incapacitated by neurotic problems; wife to Tony Lord; daughter to Jim Craig;stepdaughter to Anna. She is an impetuous, somewhat bitter young woman who has caused trouble in the past and will do so again; a feminist.

Tony Lord (George Reinholt): husband to Cathy; half-brother to Vicky; lover to Pat Kendall (then and now) and unbeknownst to him, the father of her son Brian. He is a charming rascal with a heart of gold.

Dr. Jim Craig (Nat Polen): husband to Anna Wolek; long-suffering father to Cathy; brother-in law to Vinnie and Larry. He is the patriarch, loving and understanding.

Anna Wolek Craig (Doris Belacfc): wife to Jim Craig; stepmother to Cathy; older sister to Larry and Vinnie, and a surrogate mother to them. She is a very good woman; a matriarch.

Vince ("Vinnie") Wolek (Jordan Charney): a well- intentioned policeman; husband to Wanda; brother to Larry and Anna; a male chauvinist with a stormy temper.

Wanda Webb Wolek (Marilyn Chris): wife to Vinnie, and the calming force in his life; an employee of Tony Lord. She and Vince are similar to Archie and Edith Bunker on All in the Family, only much nicer and more realistic; they provide lots of humor.

Nurse Jenny Wolek Siegel (Katherine Glass): a nun who left the convent to marry her true love, Tim Siegel (subsequently killed during an argument with Vinnie); a cousin to the Wolek family; a sweet, strong and intelligent young woman.

Dr. Larry Wolek (Michael Storm): fiancé to Karen, his cousin; father to Danny; brother to Anna and Vinnie; ex-brother-in-law to Vicky, and her secret admirer; a level-headed, caring person.

Karen Wolek (Kathryn Breech): fiancee to Larry, her cousin; sister to Jenny Wolek Siegel. She is a young woman out for herself; a scheming selfish type.

Danny Wolek (Neail Holland): son to Larry Wolek and his now-deceased wife, Meredith Lord; a school-aged boy who isn't much involved in the story, except as a possible stumbling block or future problem for Larry and Karen.

Dr. Dorian Cramer Lord (Nancy Pinkerton): stepmother to Tony and Vicky, and about their age. She is the true "bitch" (it's surprising she's lasted this long); scheming, vindictive, underhanded, rotten.

Dr. Peter Janssen (Jeffrey Pomerantz): a good doctor who might turn bad if it gets him what he wants—Jenny Siegel; a man full of self- importance, and yearning for money and power.

Lt. Ed Hall (Al Freeman, Jr.): a good and honest policeman; husband to Caria and head of the only black family in town.

Caria Hall (Ellen Holly): secretary to Jim Craig; wife to Lt. Hall; a good black woman, strong-willed and stubborn.

Patricia Kendall (Jacqueline Courtney): a reporter; mother to Brian; a good and decent woman who once had an affair with Tony Lord and has recently resumed it; a friend to Vicky.

Brian Kendall (Stephen Austin): son to Patricia— and to Tony (unbeknownst to him and Tony); about eleven years old. He is very introspective and sensitive, and this could lead to trouble.

Dr. Will Vernon (Parley Granger): a new psychiatrist in town; husband to Naomi; father to Brad and Samantha; a good man with family problems. He has an eye for women—especially for his nurse Jenny Siegel.

Naomi Vernon (Teri Keane): wife to Will; mother to Brad and Samantha. She has trouble coping with her husband's career, and his real or imagined infidelities.

Brad Vernon (Jameson Parker): a professional tennis player on the make; son to Naomi and Will; brother to Samantha; an arrogant young man with women first and foremost on his mind.

Samantha Vernon (Julie Montgomery): daughter to Naomi and Will; sister to Brad.

Matt McAlIister (Vance Jefferis): an unscrupulous man; a cohort of Dorian Cramer Lord. He is essentially a coward, but can maneuver his way to the top with a certain flair.

Lana McLain (Jackie Zeman): a waitress at "Tony's Place." She's in love with Brad Vernon, who's leading her down the primrose path.

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