A Blooming Career
By Deanna Barnet

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With increasingly diverse and challenging roles, ATWT alum Brian Bloom has blossomed as an actor.

Brian Bloom didn't know exactly what to expect when he left New York. As the World Turns, and his ATWT' character, Dusty Donovan, behind 13 years ago, but his career has definitely continued to bloom in sunny California

Today, the actor divides his time between his love of acting and his "baby,'' AnimalWorldNetwork.com, a Web site he owns and operates that offers the 4-1-1 on pets, "and amazing prices on items delivered to your door. You can even listen to me interviewing Alyssa Milano or Kathy Ireland about their pets," says an excited Bloom, who's busy adding Sydney Poitier to the list of celeb pet owners featured on the site. Already up lo 100,000 hits a week. AnimalWorldNetwork.com is meeting its initial goal: to get the word out on animal-protection issues.

But Deputy Reserve Officer Bloom is not just looking out for animals. While working on the recent USA Original Movie Hostage Negotiator. he enlisted with the Orange County Sheriffs Department. "Police departments have programs to include people from different walks of life. It's like a fraternity, making contributions and sharing what we can." he explains.

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Meanwhile, Bloom the actor has been busy outshining his famous blues. "The first thing I think about when I think about my eyes is that they're better than 20/20 and they can see. The last thing would be the color. I'm not interested in hunky [roles]. I've been breaking that mold all along, and I think it may finally he broken," he exults, and rightly so. Bloom has gotten to work with some of his professional heroes, including Burt Lancaster, who "died" in his arms in Voyage of Terror: The Achille Lauro Affair, and Alan Arkin, whom he went up against in the mafia movie Blood Money

More recently, he received raves for his stint on HBO's Oz. which he says "is a force to he reckoned with. It's more intense than being on any other set Ive been on in Hollywood. It was a very hardcore situation, and one I benefited from greatly in terms of challenging myself as an actor.

Another challenge came in the role of an evil border patrol agent who commits a heinous crime in Across the Line, an indie film winning prizes at festivals across the country. "It has a lot of brutally tragic reality in it. As long as there's stuff like that to do, I'll lie trying to do it." he promises.

And what does he think of the good old days on ATWT now that hes "all grown up? " The older I get, the more unusual my memories of it seem. It was a truly trippy, totally insane, awesome way to spend some of my youth," he laughs, before admitting that he and many of his co-stars haven't done well at keeping in touch. "There may he something tragic in that, but we're pretty far away [from each other]. Martha Byrne (Lily/Rose) and I have talked and my mom still talks to hers, periodically. I don't really talk to anyone else from that world," he confesses.

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Bloom has settled into a quiet life in the hills of Los Angeles, spending time with family, friends and his girlfriend, Denise (a makeup artist on Judging Amy). "It's all about peace and quiet peace of mind. I love places where there are few people and much nature. Camping is the real deal on solace. I go with my brothers [up] where the environment's a little extreme. Denise and I do more accessible trips though she's pretty damn adventurous, too. I just don't put the through the real grueling, survival-type stuff.''

She just has to put up with the Hollywood survival stuff but luckily, that seems to be going well. Bloom concludes, "A lot of people have trouble translating young career into an adult cart can't say it's been simple for either, but I've been fortunate gone better than some of wildest dreams."

Soap Opera Weekly, July 31, 2002

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