All My children
The Soap Opera Book, 1978

Who's Who of Characters and Actors

Dr. Charles Tyler (Hugh Franklin): a good doctor, good man, and patriarch of the Tyler family; estranged husband to Phoebe; father to Line and Anne; grandfather to Chuck Tyler. He is romantically committed to secretary Mona Kane.

Phoebe Tyler (Ruth Warrick,): estranged wife to Charles; mother to Line and Anne; "grandmother" to Chuck; a ridiculously arrogant woman; a schemer. She believes her family to be far superior to anyone else's.

Lincoln ("Line") Tyler (Peter White): the good and upstanding lawyer in town; husband to Kitty; son to Phoebe and Charles; brother to Anne. He feels very protective toward his new bride and will do anything to make her happy.

Kitty Carpenter Tyler (Francesca James): wife to Lincoln Tyler; emotionally, at least, "daughter" to Mrs. Lum (alias "Lucy Carpenter"). She's been transformed from a neurotic girl to a sane and sensible young woman who is trying to better herself; still, a romantic innocent, always vulnerable.

Dr. Chuck Tyler (Richard Van Vieet): a good young doctor; grandson to Charles (only); ex-husband to Tara and psychological father to little Phil. He is an idealist with strong feelings of responsibility toward others (some of whom tend to take advantage of his good nature).

Kate Martin (Kay Campbell): the matriarch of the Martin family; a widow; mother to Joe and Paul; grandmother to Tara, Tad, and Elizabeth; great-grandmother to little Phil; a warm, understanding and generally non-interfering woman.

Paul Martin (William Mooney): a good lawyer; husband to Anne; father to newborn Elizabeth; son to Kate; a family man who tries hard to handle the problems. He and Anne have a "true love."

Anne Tyler Martin (Judith Barcroft): wife to Paul Martin; mother to newborn Elizabeth; daughter to Phoebe and Charles; sister to Line; a young woman of strong faith and stronger emotions. With the birth of her retarded daughter, she is becoming increasingly irrational.

Dr. Joe Martin (Ray McConnell): husband to Ruth; father to Tara and grandfather to little Phil; adoptive father to Tad; son to Kate; brother to Paul. He is a complicated and undemonstrative man; a good person, but perhaps too proud.

Nurse Ruth Martin (Mary Fickett): wife to Joe; adoptive mother to Phil and Tad; a person of strong family values who has had to come to terms with unexpected emotions, in herself and others.

Dr. Jeff Martin (Robert Perault): son to Joe Martin; brother to Tara; a decent, idealistic doctor, much loved by family and friends. He left Pine Valley after the tragic death of his wife Mary—a temporary move, of course.

Tara Martin Brent (Karen Gorney): ex-wife to Chuck; and now (finally) wife to Phil; mother to little Phil; sister to Jeff; a good girl, emotionally confused and usually close to tears. She is torn between her "true love" and her son's happiness.

Phil Brent (Nick Benedict): husband to Tara; illegitimate son to Nick Davis and Amy (Ruth's long-departed sister), raised by Ruth Martin; Tara's "true love" and natural father to little Phil. Now that he has found his vocation (as a policeman) his main concern is in winning the love and respect of his son.

(Little) Phil Tyler (Brian Lema): a small boy with his share of health problems. He is the one person standing in the way of Phil and Tara's happiness (he thinks Chuck is daddy).

Erica Kane Brent (Susan Lucci): ex-wife to Phil; daughter to Mona Kane; a delightfully self-centered, scheming, and greedy young woman. She seems to have met her match in Nick Davis— all to the good, since her heart softens too when someone cares.

Mona Kane (Frances Heflin): a very good woman; long-suffering mother to Erica; friend, secretary, and romantic interest of Dr. Charles Tyler. As sweet as she is, she can be weak-willed.

Nick Davis (Lawrence Keith): a ne'er-do-well who has finally done very well (as owner of "The Chateau" restaurant); natural father to Phil; ex-husband to many; a well-meaning sort, but perhaps a bit worldier than most Pine Valley residents. He is currently involved (if that's the word) with Erica.

Clem Watson (Reuben Green): an experienced policeman, working with Phil Brent; a black man, recently divorced.

Dr. Frank Grant (John Danelle): a young black doctor; husband to Nancy; good friend to Chuck Tyler and perhaps a little more than that to Caroline. He is a good and earnest man who must come to terms with his wife's independent nature and career.

Nurse Caroline Murray (Pat Dixon): Frank Grant's friend, confidante and love interest. She is an idealist, but made of stronger stuff than Frank.

Dr. David Thornton (Paul Gleason): a surgeon who temporarily demoted himself to orderly after a painful stint in Viet Nam; an outsider who has experienced much of the world beyond Pine Valley. He is recovering from a disappointment in love, with Ruth Martin. Will he leave town?

Dr. Christina Karras (Robin Strosser): a pediatrician; an intelligent and straightforward woman— but strangely haunted by the past.

Danny Kennicott (Daren Kelly): a college student, in architecture; brother to the murdered Mary Kennicott Martin; a personable young man who lives in Kate Martin's house.

Brooke English (Julia Barr): a college student; niece to Phoebe and currently living with her. She is charming and clever when it comes to getting her own way.

Benny Sago (Larry Flieschman): Brooke's hoody boyfriend; a boor, a smart-aleck, and the bane of Phoebe's existence,

Tad Gardner (Matthew Anton): an orphan, adopted by Ruth and Joe Martin; a boy about 8 years old who is perceptive, charming and endearing.

Donna Beck (Candace Earley): seventeen-year-old prostitute who entered the story when she was admitted to Pine Valley Hospital as a patient; a mixed-up girl from a "bad home," now trying to go right. She is romantically interested in "Doc" Chuck Tyler, her legal guardian.

Mrs. Lum (Eileen Herlie): a former carnival performer with a weakness for booze and money (not necessarily in that order). She was hired by Phoebe to impersonate Kitty's mother, Lucy Carpenter, and get Kitty out of town; not a nice woman, but compared to Phoebe a saint

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